Course modules

The consortium has an educational web platform, where the jointly developed and maintained theoretical course modules are served. These course modules are used in the Education and Training activities organized by the individual parties.


The following course modules are available:

  • ”Swedish Legislation, Ethics and Animal use”
  • ”Rodents and Lagomorphs” for Function A+C+D
  • ”Fish”for Function A+C+D
  • ”Non-human primates” for Function A+C+D
  • ”Aquatic amphibians”for Function A+C+D


New course modules in development include

  • ”Norwegian Legislation, Ethics and Animal use”
  • Basic course module for technicians and schools Function C+D
  • ”Birds”for Function A+C+D
  • ”Dog”for Function A+C+D
  • ”Pig”for Function A+C+D
  • ”Experimental fishing”for Function A+C+D
  • ”Reptiles and terrestrial amphibians”for Function A+C+D
  • “Free-living mammals”for Function A+C+D


Both theoretical and practical course modules are defined with contents, Learning Outcomes and Examination Criteria, following the pedagogic principle of Constructive Alignment. The standard language is English. Learning Outcomes are secured through on-line self-assessment tests connected to each course module, with mutually accepted examination criteria.

Additional course modules are planned.